Dec. 7, 2021

The Process of Getting Work Done by Engaging Others' Tigers

The Process of Getting Work Done by Engaging Others' Tigers

In Episode #5 of the Feed Your Tigers Podcast, I describe a method of getting a critical task done by engaging other people's Administrative Tigers (their organizing talents).

This method is of great value to those of you (like me) who have an Administrative Tiger that's on the smaller side.

Please note:

  • this method is meant for large, critically urgent tasks that are severely impacting your life.
  • I recommend this as an "in-case-of-emergency-break-glass" approach; it would be unwise to frequently engage others in assisting you in this manner.

The Process

  1. Relax. You're going to get this done.
  2. Avoid labeling or shaming yourself. You are a talented capable person, who just needs some support in one particular area right now, and that's OK.
  3. Think about the task in as much detail as possible without worrying about how it's going to get done.
  4. Think about the implications of what will happen if it doesn't get done. Then think about the outcomes of what it will be like when it's done. (Really see, feel, and believe this. Create the vision for it to genuinely occur.)
  5. Identify a person who has an enormous Administrative Tiger. Be sure it's not just someone with a big Providing Tiger!
  6. Call them or visit them personally (don't email or text them).
  7. Explain what you need to be done.
  8. Explain how it is affecting you (emotionally, financially, etc.).
  9. Talk tigers with them--explain that you need to enroll their enormous Administrative Tiger. 
  10. Await their response.
  11. When they agree, you can then talk about compensation. Note: do not talk about compensation earlier, because that is not why they will be helping you. They will be doing this because their massive Administrative Tiger won't be able to pass up the opportunity to "eat" (Administrative Tigers eat administrative tasks--just like the cookie monster eats cookies). Keep the compensation reasonable, as the activity will seem pleasurable to them (not displeasurable as you are seeing it), and they won't feel the need for the compensation as greatly as you imagine.

Then get to it!

Check out this episode to hear all the details, which also includes:

  • the reason why this process works
  • the critical mistake not to make when recruiting someone to assist you
  • a touching story that exemplifies how this method works

Then give it a try. And if it works for you, get in touch with me to let me know how you made out.