Oct. 18, 2021

First Feed Your Tigers Bootcamp Launched!

First Feed Your Tigers Bootcamp Launched!

What happens when seven people set out on seven-week tiger adventure?

So I've got some news for you: I have secretly launched the first Feed Your Tigers Bootcamp! In early July, seven brave souls set out on a seven-week journey with me to cover the seven Tiger Principles.

This program adds a new dimension to our work because it is the first structured, long-term program we've produced to support people in finding greater alignment in their lives. To date, we've provided the MNTEST to our practitioners and their clients to help in identifying potential, and have left it mostly to them to determine the best routes to maximizing it. I wanted to provide additional tools that could support them in the process, and this program is our first attempt to do that.

The FYT Bootcamp consists of weekly 2-hour Zoom sessions that include discussion, presentation, group work, and games. I then provide participants with challenges each week that take an hour to complete and that encourage them to bring the MN concepts directly into their lives.

Here are some of the things they have done:

  • performed the MNTEST to identify their tigers
  • used a new "Tiger Tracker" to identify hungry, overfed, and satisfied tigers
  • created a "Menu of Life"—an organizer to determine where to focus their energies (in jobs, gigs, and interests/hobbies)
  • played "Sherlock Holmes", analyzing photographs of people in action and identifying their tigers by visual clues
  • sketched out pictures of ideal work spaces (habitats) to make them more compatible with their tigers.

And I have been inspired by some of the group members' accomplishments. These have included:

  • discovering aspects of their talents that were either misunderstood or that they were completely unaware of.
  • making peace with smaller tigers that have not lived up to their expectations
  • making changes to their work areas that have made them more ergonomic and supportive of their Natures.
  • gaining insights into career issues they are facing, and enabling them to make decisions that would lead them down the wrong paths (and ones that will lead them to where they would truly like to go)
  • identifying areas where they need input as well as the people how they can get support where they need it so they can shine
  • becoming fluent in using and applying the alignment concepts to their lives.

But perhaps the most exciting observation is watching the participants experience what I call "The Eye of the Tiger"—a phenomenon similar to the one in the film The Matrix, where the protagonist, Neo, was able to see the Matrix. Here what I mean is that they have been able to observe other people's tigers operating in real time, that is, seeing others' motivations stemming directly from qualities, such as their Educative Nature (the tendency to teach), Entertaining Nature (the tendency to amuse others), Protective Nature (the tendency to prevent harm, mistakes, or wrongdoing, and so on.

We had some powerful discussions about this topic, and how people in their lives (life partners, bosses, colleagues, and children) operate in their own unique ways based on their Natures. And how having different Natures (and thus world views) leads to conflict. A number of the participants were able to reframe problems they were facing with others in a way that reduced judgment and which opened possibilities to address the other person in a way that spoke directly to them. (This process is called Natural Communication).

The program will complete by the end of August 2021, and once it finishes, I plan on running another. In case you'd like to attend, I welcome you to join me. I'll be welcoming up to 12 people in the program. Get in touch if you're interested!