Nov. 3, 2021

First Episode of FYT Complete

First Episode of FYT Complete

Last night I completed the first episode of the Feed Your Tigers Podcast. It took weeks to get it finished mainly because I was letting my perfectionist side get the best of me--and also because my third Covid shot knocked me out and I was out of commission for the past 10 days. 

But as my grandmother taught me, "Perseverance conquers all." (She was talking "grit" way before Angela Duckworth!)

A lot goes into the podcast. For me, the scripting takes up so much time. I want to ensure the content is of really high quality and I spent the majority of the time in writing and rewriting. I was never a great writer, but I think I've been a good communicator, so I'm searching for a rhythm that is my natural, authentic voice, where I don't get encumbered by the mechanics of language.

The recording part is probably the easiest part for me. Probably due to my Entertaining and Musical Tigers. They were always large ones for me. Throughout my school years, I was heavily engaged in dramas and musical productions; performance was always second nature to me. So when I hit record, I feel at home, in control, without fear. I can usually nail the recording in the first take or two. 

The editing and post-production part is a really involved process--people might not realize that--balancing the sound, removing unwanted noises, adding in music and sound effects. I also find this aspect really enjoyable. In a way, it feels like the equivalent of painting, but with sound--adding a little color here, brightening it over there, leaving a gap of space for dramatic effect there, and so on.

And, by the way, I did the intro music myself :) I wanted to create something that felt tribal, ethnic, positive, upbeat, and that had some "roots" and jungle vibe to it. I created it using Apple Logic and my Akai MPK Mini keyboard. I started with the percussion using an Asian drum kit, first some straight beats, and then some syncopation with an African drum kit. Next was a Reggae-inspired bass line (bass lines are my absolute favorite musical thing to create). I then layered in a kalimba and added two sets of South African choir voices--men's and women's. Finally, I topped it off with two separate tracks of jungle sounds that include birds, monkeys, and of course, a tiger.

The episode will be released shortly--and I'll be on to the next episode immediately.

I think this podcast was really a long time coming for me and it's opened up a new avenue for me to feed my tigers!