The Feed Your Tigers Podcast by Steven Rudolph

The Feed Your Tigers Podcast by Steven Rudolph

You’re stuck—you know you can achieve more in your work and your personal life but don’t know where to start. Join your host Steven Rudolph and discover how you can better align your natural talents (your tigers) and rise above limiting circumstances and self-doubt. In the process, you will gain a new sense of possibility for who you really are and what you are truly capable of doing.

Recent Episodes

November 24, 2021

#3: Rock Your Role

In this episode, we explore life as a drama—a play of sorts—that provides you opportunities to “act”. We’ll see how sometimes the story that you are currently living is not necessarily the one that you want to be starring in—...

November 12, 2021

#2: The 5 Pillars Of Life

The second episode of Feed Your Tigers is ready! I hope you enjoyed the first episode that focused on “acting in alignment with your nature”. In the second episode, I share a concept called the 5 Pillars of Life. It’s an idea...

November 04, 2021

#1: The Secret of Feed Your Tigers

Here it is! The first episode of Feed Your Tigers. In this episode, I pull off the gloves and get to the heart of the matter: the secret that underscores the Feed Your Tigers podcast. I distill the essence of my nearly three ...

October 12, 2021

Feed Your Tigers Podcast Trailer

Have you ever had that feeling like who you are and what you’re doing are not in sync? Maybe like you have some amazing talent that’s not being fully utilized or rewarded. Or that you’re fed up with work and just want a chang...

About the Host

Steven Rudolph

Founder of MNI

In 1989, while pursuing a career in music in New York, Steven Rudolph took up a part-time teaching job to make ends meet. In his first class he had an epiphany: that he had an innate capacity to teach. Though he had no formal training, it was as if he already knew how to do it—as if he were a fish in water.

The realization led him on a 21-year quest to India, where he uncovered 5,000-year-old secrets to self-understanding and achieving one's potential. Steven has taken those principles and crafted them into an easy-to-use, enjoyable program--Feed Your Tigers.

Steven lives in Cambodia where he serves as CEO of MNI, and explores how ancient Eastern wisdom can help people (and their tigers) become more aligned.